Protect your children’s smile with Andrew Murray Dental Care

Here at Andrew Murray Dental Care in Hampstead Gardens we believe in starting dental education at a young age. This ensures the best possible outcome of your child’s teeth as they learn the habits of good dental hygiene at a young age. Utilising our state of the art digital x-ray we can also predict overcrowding in the mouth which means that you’ll be able to plan for their treatments later in life as well as start early intervention.

Our Oral Health Therapist is part of our comprehensive approach to dentistry

At our practice in Hampstead Gardens we have an Oral Health Therapist who works in unison with our hygienist to ensure optimum dental health for children and adults alike. The Andrew Murray Dental Care preventative team will reduce your risk of future oral health issues and educate you and your child on beneficial oral hygiene practices. As part of our comprehensive approach to dentistry we provide this service to all children under 18, and provide hygiene treatments for our adult patients.

Build a quality relationship with your dentist

We recommend that you bring your child to visit us when they reach 3 years of age. This will ensure that your dentist can monitor your child’s oral development while building a quality relationship. This relationship is imperative to your child’s dental health as they will learn to respect oral hygiene and also become familiar with dental professionals, which reduces risks of dental phobia or fear of the dentist in later life.